Music Writing

Piano KeysWriting music can be a mystery as to where the ideas come from. Composers have been known to say that compositions can arrive by dream, sweat, work and time to mention just a few ways. No doubt more compositions come as a result of work than any other way. It has also been said “good composers borrow, great composers steal”. Or maybe that was said about painters, don’t remember, but whatever the case the implication is clear. Creators of great compositions have put considerable work into the ability to write great works. They oftentimes have spent time learning the compositions of others and analyzing what the previous composer did to create a work of interest.

No doubt this was not just a passing and quick endeavor for most. It takes time to really look at something to see the depth of it in a clear and useful way. Just understanding it is not always a guarantee it can be useful. Oftentimes it is necessary to use the ideas in new ways to see if they work well. Some very successful modern song writers have considerable time invested in studying and analyzing the compositions of very famous classical composers. These particular modern song writers have been really successful using the ideas from greats in the past. I saw a documentary of one such modern song writer who played some of his pieces and then played compositions of the the great composers he studied and the link between the two was obvious when it was shown. It was pretty incredible to see that and I would have never made the connection on my own.

We are very fortunate today to have so much material available to us in such an easy way to access. We have more listening choices than ever before in human history, in fact the volume of choice is overwhelming. My car died and was being towed and the sound system in the best tow truck in Casa Grande was incredible.

Today we can Continue reading Music Writing

Singing Lessons: How to prepare for an audition for Musical Theater industry

SingingWhen talking about broad way singing then this field is considered to be the most specialized that requires some additional skills to enhance your chances of getting a job. Acting, singing, dancing, playing any musical instrument are all the key elements in giving a top quality audition. You have to learn these skills one by one to have a successful career in the field you are being auditioned for.

Get familiar with the show you are being auditioned for

In cases, where people are preparing to give auditions for a particular show or musical, the best way to gain the attention of the auditions is to show you that you are well familiar with the job you will be doing after becoming the part of this or that show. Make sure you attend the show once in a week, get familiar with the tone and style of the actors starring in it. Find out carefully what will be strong points of yours in getting this job and what things in you will end up in giving you a negative point. Make yourself well familiar with the various styles of the performances being displayed in the show you get an overall view what is actually required from you.

Appropriate preparation

When thinking about having a career in Broadway singing, you should have had some professional background in singing. Don’t go for generic songs if you are preparing for a specific audition. At times auditions have some specific role in their mind onto which they are testing each candidate so you should Continue reading Singing Lessons: How to prepare for an audition for Musical Theater industry

Business of Song Writing

Ask any song writer and most will tell you that for the most part writing songs ain’t easy. Most of them have spent years writing a lot of songs with some songs going nowhere. That seems to be a common trend in the songwriting industry. So what are some of the secrets that they say there are to writing a good song? It seems one of the most heard pieces of advice is just write every day, you don’t always know whether the song will be good or bad.


Another very common thing heard from professional songwriters as if they have spent a great deal of time crafting their art. Most of the better ones have a definite schedule that they stick to on a daily basis. It is hard work but they put their nose to the grindstone and get the job done on a day to day basis.

Obviously most songwriters probably play one or more instruments and they use that as part of their method to write songs. Most of them have spent hours upon hour’s days upon day’s weeks months and years perfecting their abilities and skills on their instruments. Some of the often heard advice is to not make your life complicated so that you don’t have time to practice and sharpen your skills on your instrument or writing.

So when you think about what they’re basically saying they’re saying to keep your life simple and create time to work on the things that are going to make you a better writer. It’s no secret there’s a lot of song writers in Los Angeles and Nashville Tennessee. Most of them that are successful anyway is live in a home of some sort. If they have a big house and it requires a lot of upkeep that will take time away from their writing and practicing. So the more successful ones actually hire out some of the maintenance work. For instance keeping the landscape trimmed and under control doesn’t require a heck of a lot of money to have a landscaper come on a regular basis and maintain your yard. Similarly if you have animals hiring out the actual pet poop cleanup to some kind of a company is not a bad idea either this is a good one in the Los Angeles area in the Santa Clarita Valley. These guys at do show up and they pick up the poop on a regular schedule so you don’t have to.

Yes these might seem like minor little things but when you add them up to all the other tasks most of us have to do on a day to day basis they absorb time. So for these professional songwriters they would Continue reading Business of Song Writing

Making Sales and Acquiring Clients

How do you attract clients and make sales. Online how do you make a profit? Clearly making a profit requires a business that is well run and has a product that is desirable and wanted. Assuming you have a business that has a product that is in demand it is then possible to make a profit.

It is very interesting to note that studies have shown and proven that simply having a good product does not ensure sales and profit. What is perhaps more important in the long run is that the person doing the selling is trustworthy and likable by the potential client or person making a decision to buy.

Most times when people are shopping or looking to acquire some service they may have already made the decision make the purchase. This is probably more of the reality. It is unlikely that people in general are likely to Continue reading Making Sales and Acquiring Clients


LuxuryDo you have a favorite song? Do you have a favorite style of music? Most of us do. It is not uncommon for these to change for us over time either. This is a nice thing since we can then enjoy more varied things and they say variety is the spice of life.

I really like the ability to take my song lists with me and play them from my media player or Ipod.  I remember the day when that was not possible and you had to listen to the radio. That could be a little bit of a pain if you were driving. It always seemed right in the middle of your favorite song the signal would fade out, always seemed to happen right before the hook in the song I always waited for.

We have had the pleasure of taking some limousines recently and man they can have some serious sound systems in them. Some of the limo owners spare no Continue reading Songs